Dolphin and whale watching has become one of the top attractions in Costa Rica. Whales migrate from both hemisphere and stop in Costa Rica to mate and to raise their young. Some say that even the whales stop in Costa Rica on vacation! This provides many opportunities for guests of Corcovado Adventures to go on Whale and dolphin watching tours.

Visitors have a pretty good chance to spot these awesome creatures, especially in places like Drake Bay. There are huge colonies of Dolphins in these waters so it is pretty certain to see them play as well. Many of our guests also spot dolphins and whales while traveling to La Sirena or San Pedrillo for day tours.

Whale Watching around the Osa Peninsula

Most people hear of the Humpback whale that come to this area, however there are many other types too.  While on a whale watching tour it is possible to see pilot whale, killer whale, sei whale, and beaked whale, as well as the bottle nose, roughtooth, spotted and spinner dolphins.

The migration of these gentle giants is one of most remarkable journey accomplished by any creature of the world, and they are known to travel with stretches of 5000 miles or more at a time. Indeed, every year humpback whales will swim over 11.500 miles from the Arctic Ocean to mate in Costa Rica, and many more will swim the same distance from the Antarctica. They are the largest living mammals of the planet, and indeed catching a glimpse of them is simply mystifying.

Best places to see the whales

Drake Bay is a big favorite for whale and dolphin watching; the calm and protected waters make out the ideal breeding ground for them, and it is also where the longest humpback season was recorded, because whales from both poles meet up there for mating, giving birth and for looking after their young. Best times to visit are from August to the end of November, they are however also spotted in March and in June. Cano Island is also good for whale watching, the trip to the island indeed often includes lots of sightings.