Surfing in Matapalo and nearby beaches

Matapalo offers a unique experience for surfers who can appreciate a beautiful clean environment, a great climate, within an incredible diversity bustling with wildlife and a beautiful flora at the doorstep of the most incredible rainforest. The sight of Scarlet Macaws flying by to the sound of the Howler Monkeys build unforgettable memories for those who can appreciate it. The Breaks are actually inside the golf that has perfect surfing conditions almost permanently. Visitors who wish to learn how to surf could not have found a better place either; in Bosque del Cabo, there is a company called Tres Peces that offers surf classes. They provide the boards and the instructor, and you have to put in the effort and learn. Each class last about 2 hours, or less, as it can be quite exhausting for the novice. Beginners should actually only surf at the inside break of Pan Dulce as some areas can be seriously dangerous for inexperienced surfers, and it is expected that people take responsible decisions.

Surfing beaches in Cabo del Matapalo

These following surfing beaches can be reached from Bosque del Cabo. Matapalo is a strong right hand wave with its best breaks at around midtide. This wave can be extremely challenging on big swells and this is not for the novice. Because it is facing the wide ocean, the waves are constant.

Backwash, in the middle of Backwash Bay, is considered to be a fun right that breaks right in the center of the Bay. While the waves are not as consistent as in Matapalo it is still a first choice as when it is good, this is really very good, from middle to low tide.

Pavones Beach is right across on the Golfo Dulce, and is reached from Bosque del Cabo by boat. Pavones is probably the best well-known surf beach of this area, with a worldwide reputation for its world-class waves with lefts over one kilometer long.

Pan Dulce is a long right point break, and is the waves are only good on the bigger swells of the gulf. These rides can reach 500 meters for those lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time! This is a good beach for beginners, during low to middle tide when the swell is small.