Welcome to Corcovado! A REAL Nature Experience!

National Geographic named the Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula “one of the most biologically intense places on Earth.” As soon as you arrive in the area you’ll see why – this is a nature lover’s dream! This pristine natural paradise is far removed from the crowds and offers visitors a combination of tropical wilderness and beaches. Wildlife abounds here in Drake Bay! With a little luck, during your visit you may encounter, red parrots (Scarlet Macaws), Toucans, White-Faced, Howler and Spider Monkeys, Tapirs, Whales, Dolphins and much more!

Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp Lodge

Come stay with us at Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp Lodge! We offer you an affordable and comfortable opportunity visit one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas – the Osa Peninsula. Our clean and comfortable campground is located right on the pristine Caletas Beach, just south of Drake’s Bay. Our beachfront tents are built on platforms and include their own wood frame beds and decks. This is the ideal location for those interested in visiting the Corcovado National Park and the Cano Island. We offer complete vacation packages, including transportation, meals and tours during your stay at our lodge. For travel in Costa Rica, send us an email using our contact form.



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Corcovado National Park







Palmar Sur International Airport

Visitors traveling to the Osa Peninsula may soon have a much faster option, with the completion of a new international airport on the outskirts of Palmar Sur. The prospect of taking a direct flight from the cosmopolitan streets of New York to the rugged rainforests of Costa Rica's Southern Zone may be a reality in the coming years, as plans for construction are nearing completion.

What is a Tapir

One of Costa Rica’s most unusual and endearing wildlife species, the tapir seems an odd mix of elephant, pig and anteater at first sight. Despite their strange appearance, the tapir’s closest relatives are actually horses and rhinoceroses. Four species of tapir exist today, including the Baird’s tapir, mountain tapir, Asian tapir and Malayan tapir. The Baird’s tapir is Central America’s largest land mammal and is most commonly seen foraging for tasty plants in the wetlands of Corcovado National Park.

Jaguars in Corcovado

To glimpse a wild jaguar is but the ultimate prize for any wildlife enthusiast who visits Costa Rica. And one of the best places to do so is Corcovado National Park – the crown jewel of the Osa Peninsula. In the protected rainforests of this immense reserve, jaguars have been observed swimming across rivers, climbing trees and prowling for their favorite prey: the white-lipped peccary. Their name derives from the Native American term that means “pouncing killer,” and this elusive species is the biggest cat in all of Latin America.