Cano Island is an incredible marine biological reserve that is best appreciated when diving or snorkeling. It is today one of the top destinations of the world for Scuba Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts: Enjoy frequent sightings of exotic marine life including dolphins, whales, false orcas, sea turtles as well as many marine birds. And when you are not in the water, the beach and its surrounding are reminiscent of some small hidden paradise. The Cano Island also hide an amazing archeological site where divers can see two of the 300 or so stone spheres from pre-Colombian times that were discovered together with other historical pieces. The Virgin Waters of Cano Island are some of the clearest and bluest of the country, and they hide a spectacular marine life, with exotic tropical fish, of which sharks, as well as dolphins and whales, turtles and coral reefs. It was rated the best underwater adventure diving and snorkeling spot of the world. It is quite a unique experience to watch these magnificent creatures swim by mysterious historical ruins.

Fantastic visibility of Cano Island Waters

Because the water is so clear around Cano Island it is possible to see everything there even on cloudy days; sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, moray eels, tuna, snapper, grouper, stingrays and manta rays swimming next to pilot and humpback whales as well as a variety of sharks. For the preservation of its flora and fauna and because it is a reserve, the number of visitors are regulated and it is absolutely prohibited to remove any marine life, should it be dead or alive.

The trip of a lifetime

It takes about one and half-hours to reach the island, and the trip is an adventure by itself as you can expect to see whales and dolphins on the way. As you reach the island you will realize that you are surrounded by an abundance of marine wildlife. Pan Tropical Dolphins and Sea Turtles, giant schools of pelagic fish, barracuda, trevally jacks and pompano, triggerfish, needlefish, parrotfish, angelfish, puffers, grunts, white tip reef sharks and rays. Although not as common, the elusive whale shark and the giant bull shark are often spotted in the area. Water visibility is good and can range from 45-90 feet. The aquatic life is absolutely astounding in these waters and the reef life will not disappoint snorkelers and divers. Packed lunch or picnics are usually taken care of by the Diving companies, that will also provide you with top notch equipment and highly trained friendly professional staff.