A Canopy Tour through the Jungle near Corcovado!

Behind Corcovado Adventure’s Tent Camp in the heart of the Jungle on the Osa Peninsula lies Corcovado Canopy Tour, our main provider of Canopy tours. Corcovado Canopy Tour is 5km from the town of Drake Bay, which is easily accessible from Corcovado Adventure’s Tent Camp. From camp we will take you to Drake Bay and from Drake Bay you will be driven through the jungle of the Osa to Corcovado Canopy Tour in the rural town of Los Planes.

Experience the thrill of Corcovado Canopy Tour!

Corcovado Canopy Tour is for adventurers and thrill seekers alike. After being provided with all necessary safety equipment: harness, helmet, and gloves. You will traverse the Primary and Secondary rainforest by means of 13 stainless steel cables that are suspended from tree to tree throughout the rainforest. The cables ranging from 100 meters to 400 meters are situated 60 meters high in the jungle this is sure to get your adrenaline rushing. If you are looking for a different perspective of the rainforest, this will give it to you, similar to a bird’s eye view. The ability to view all types of different flora in these Primary and Secondary Rainforests is something truly special.

An adventure that is safe for the entire family

Safety is very very important to both Corcovado Adventure’s Tent Camp and Corcovado Canopy Tour and is held in a very high regard. Corcovado Canopy Tour prides themselves in their low-impact environmentally friendly canopy tours. They are also certified by the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (CTS) and are fully insured by the National Insurance Company (NTS). Come see us at Corcovado Adventure’s Tent Camp and we can set you up with Corcovado Canopy Tour and schedule everything. Everything is here, were just waiting for you!