Corcovado, in the Osa Peninsula, has been defined as being the most biologically diverse place on Earth. It is home to more than four hundred species of birds, of which the beautiful Scarlet Macaw, the Black Cheeked Ant Tanager, While Tipped Cotinga, the Marbled Wood Quail, the White Tipped Sicklebill, the Turquoise Cotinga, the Charming and the Mangrove Hummingbirds, etc. It is of course impossible to list them all here but they are of course all incredibly stunning and it is amazing to see them in their natural element.
Corcovado is a lowland tropical forest; indeed pretty much the whole peninsula is, with primary and secondary forests, mangroves, flooded plains, lagoons, pasture and small mountains areas.

When to see the birds

It is always better to do morning bird walks, and it is not unusual for people to spot up to 100 species in one tour. It is highly recommended to come for a minimum of 3 days in order to cover all the places of interest, or to look for that special bird that has not been spotted yet! Some serious birdwatchers bring a list of what they particularly want to see. Some species are easier to find at particular times of the year and it might even be a good idea to get in touch with some of the tours offered in the area to get some information.

Bird Watching Regions in Osa

The Terraba Sierpe Wetland Reserve is quite famous for bird watching; its complex network of lagoons, canals, raffia swamps and mangroves are home to 2 of Costa Rica’s endemic species and to a myriad of resident and migratory ones as well. You can go on a river trip from the little town of Sierpe through the Terraba Sierpe mangrove forest where there are quite a few remarkable bird spots along the way. You are sure to see Scarlet Macaws, Wood Creepers, Fly Catchers, the endemic Mangrove Hummingbird and the Back Cheeked Ant Tananger. This area is also one of the main habitat for the Yellow Billed Cotinga.
Near Drake bay there are some tours taking you inland where you can find Raptors, Fly Catchers, Red Capped and Orange Colored Manakins, parrots, macaws, toucans and toucannettes to name just a few, and while you are looking for the birds, you will also see lots of monkeys, sloths, raccoons, various types of snakes, and amphibians. Also watch out for these magnificent butterflies.
When you are in a place where natural beauty is everywhere around you, it is difficult not to feel at peace and in complete bliss. Corcovado is such a place.